We often come across misconceptions about yoga that can make a keen pupil lose interest. Here, we will try and clarify some of them.

“I can’t do yoga – I’m not flexible.”

Even if it seems impossible now, with regular practice you will gain flexibility.

“I don’t need to practise yoga – I go to the gym.”

There are different disciplines that help you achieve a good physical shape, but yoga can also improve your health, reduce stress and calm your mind, as well as aid recovery from injuries and ailments. For this reason, many top-level athletes practise yoga.

“I can’t do yoga – I’m too highly-strung.”

Practising yoga helps you to find equilibrium between the body and mind, and will bring serenity to your daily life.

“Yoga is only for women” 

Yoga is for everyone – women, men, young and old.
In actual fact, the most renowned teachers and yoga masters are men. Some exceptional male athletes also practice yoga.

“Yoga is for thin people”

Yoga is an exercise that can be adapted to suit all people, regardless of their physical condition. The first step is precisely that – to accept, listen to and love our bodies.

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