In Espaioga you can find now everything you need for your practice.

The Casall products because we believe in its environmentally friendly bet and high quality products. The values of the brand are design, quality, functionality and ethics.

The Mukhas products because all the pieces are handcrafted in Bali in a sustainable and fair trade way and a percentage of each sale goes to the Bumi Sehat International Foundation.
Yoga Mats Casall

They are very light, PVC free and with a fantastic Grip. You can carry them with you and give you the firmness you need for the practice of your Āsanas.
Anti-slip Towels

Casall The towels are perfect to place on top of your mat especially when the heat starts and we sweat more, it will bring you that extra firmness.

Crystal bottles Casall

A prefect way of dispensing with plastic bottles taking care of the environment. The bottles are made of glass and silicone case with a modern design to carry anywhere and be well hydrated.

Clothing Casall

Clothes specially designed to fit the female figure, manufactured with technical fabrics of high breathability and extreme softness on contact with the skin. They adapt to the figure without disturbing using flat seams to avoid uncomfortable frictions.

Malas and Bracelets Mukhas

Made only of noble materials, natural gemstones, nickel free silver, lead and cadmium, and rudraksha (an exotic seed known for its electromagnetic properties in contact with the skin) planted and treated in an ecological way. The Malas are authentic, knotted between counts by skilled hands and blessed before leaving the island. The packaging is recycled and renewable material paper.

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