For the classes

  • Comfortable clothes that allow you freedom of movement.
  • A non-slip Yoga mat. You can find them in all different colours and materials, from ecological mats made of natural rubber without phthalates or without bisphenol A, to synthetic mats. Choosing the right yoga mat is important as it will be the base of all your body postures. You should have your own yoga mat for hygiene reasons.
  • We offer basic support props such as blocks, yoga straps, yoga cushions and benches.
  • You have the option of leaving your equipment at the centre at your own risk.

Please note

  • Arriving on time: our classes begin on time, so it is important to arrive early to find the right place in the room so you feel comfortable with your surroundings.
  • On arrival: Take your shoes off before entering the practise room. The classes are held barefoot. There is space to leave footwear in the entrance hall.
  • Inform : the teacher of any changes in your health or any pain or discomfort before the class, so they can offer you variations in each āsana.
  • A good exercise session is done on an empty stomach.
  • Try to avoid perfumes, look after your personal hygiene and that of your belongings.
  • Disconnect your mind and your mobile phone during the class.
  • Enjoy the silence in the room before each session.
  • You might love the person next to you, but try to focus on your own practice.

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