This is an exercise that stimulates the connective tissues (fascia, joints and ligaments), extending the deeper and more rigid muscles of the body in order to stretch and strengthen them.

Practicing Yin Yoga broadens the range of movement and rejuvenates these tissues, which are prone to stiffening with age.

Practice helps to release tension and energy blockages by stimulating the meridians or Nadis. This increases the flow of vital energy, calms the central nervous system and brings on a deep sense of relaxation to inspire connection with your inner self.

For this reason, the postures (āsanas) in Yin Yoga are held passively for between 3 and 5 minutes using different props such as blocks or blankets. It is a sustained and conscious rest achieved by maintaining for a long time, in order to promote relaxation, reduce stress and refresh your mind.

Breathing techniques (pranayāmas) are used, as well as relaxation and meditation, creating an atmosphere of serenity and inner contemplation.

Who is it aimed at?

It is suitable for all levels, ages and yoga expertise, as well as for athletes who wish to compensate with an activity which increases flexibility. The practice of Yin Yoga complements the practice of Vinyasa Yoga (active) and vice versa.

It is also perfect for postpartum recovery.

People with cancer. More and more clinical studies and experience with contrasting cancer students demonstrate that yoga practice is effective in improving side effects during cancer treatment. Yoga brings the patient many benefits at the immune, bone, muscle, nervous system and pain management.


Fees Price
Full membership
Includes all kinds of Yoga except Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidrā.
Fee per class 15€
Fee 1 class per week
1 class per week
Fee 2 classes per week
2 classes per week.
Youth membership
Under 21 years old, unlimited classes. Includes all kinds of Yoga except Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidrā.
6 class bonus package
Valid for one calendar year.
The test class will be 10 € to deduct from the share you choose if you run monthly in Espaioga.

Please note:

Don’t forget to write your friend’s name on your Membership Form. If he/she is a member of Espaioga and has recommended you, you will be entitled to a free Yoga Nidrā class.
(Please book your class here in the Bookings section)

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