Quartz crystal and mineral alchemy bowls possess an internal molecular structure in the form of a spiral (very similar to the DNA pattern).

The sound waves produced by quartz crystal bowls induce an intense state of relaxation (Alpha and Theta state).

The vibrations strike the spinal column, which acts as an effective resonance vehicle, passing the sound waves through the nervous system and on to our cells, tissues and organs.

The vibrations from the bowls “echo” and harmonize with the crystalline structure also present in our skeleton.

The brain reacts to the electrically-transmitted information received from the neurons, whose terminations or dendrites, where neuronal connections are made, are formed by four molecules of silica (quartz). Each of the 10 billion neurons can itself make 100 million connections; hence, it can be said that brain potential is virtually unlimited.

It appears that the powerful vibration of the bowls stimulates the neurons into making connections, which influences brain capacity and raises awareness.

The practice of meditation and quieting of the mind allows us to perceive “a whole world” of more subtle inner sounds. Both Buddhist and yogic traditions from India have extensive

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