Birth is movement
and movement is conducive to the process of birth.


Prenatal Yoga is a form of exercise that enables the practitioner to feel fit, invigorated and relaxed during pregnancy. You will learn tools that you can use at the time of delivery and to connect with your baby.

The nine months of pregnancy can often bring on unwelcome discomfort, and prenatal yoga helps to soothe, or make these symptoms disappear, while facilitating the delivery and subsequent recovery. It is recommendable from the twelfth week of pregnancy. That is, after the third month, when the specialist has confirmed that the embryo is not in any danger, and through until one day before the baby is due.

After the birth, yoga practice can be resumed to help successful recovery of the pelvic floor muscles. The classes of Hatha yoga and Yin yoga are the most suitable for the correct recovery postpartum. You can return to practice between six and eight weeks after giving birth.

Fees Prices
Monthly fee
Includes all prenatal classes + meditation
Fee per class 15€
Fee 1 class per week 45€/month
The test class will be 10 € to deduct from the share you choose if you run monthly in Espaioga.

Please note:

Don’t forget to write your friend’s name on your Membership Form If he/she is a member of Espaioga and has recommended you, you will be entitled to a free Yoga Nidrā class.

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*The practices are taught in Spanish


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